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23 Oct. 2019 / 09:43

Second round of elections will take place on November 3

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has set for November 3, the second round of elections for the election of mayors in 383 localities in Moldova.

The first two candidates who received the highest number of votes in the October 20 elections will be registered in the ballot papers. The two candidates in the ballot will be registered in descending order of the number of votes accumulated in the first round. If one of the two candidates withdraws from the electoral race no later than seven days before the day of voting, the voting will be held between the remaining candidate and the next candidate who has gained the highest number of votes in the first round.

The ballot papers for the election of the mayor of the village (the commune), the city (the municipality) will be printed according to the models approved by the Commission for the general local elections on October 20 this year.

Voting in the second round of general local elections will be based on the same electoral lists used in the first round.

According to the CEC, the electoral competitors will present, by November 1, at 16:00 , the reports on the incomes and expenses of the electoral campaign for the second round of elections or they will inform about the fact that they did not open / reopen the account with the mention "Electoral fund” Fund and they did not bear financial expenses. The parties, other social-political organizations, the electoral blocks will present the respective report (or will inform about the opening of the account) to the CEC, and the independent candidates - to the constituency electoral councils.

We remind that 515 mayors were elected in the  general local elections on Sunday, October 20.

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