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30 Oct. 2018 / 10:13

Radio Modova - 88 years with listeners

On October 30, Radio Moldova celebrates with the whole country, the beautiful 88-year anniversary. Radio Moldova came to life and developed thanks to the inspiration of its valuable team, and the "Teleradio-Moldova" Company continues to be a media institution synonymous with journalistic professionalism.

On this special occasion, the Company's administration is deeply grateful to each employee for their efforts in building public radio, for their competence, responsibility and professionalism over time.

Company President Olga Bordeianu cordially congratulated the radio team, saying: "I trust our radio team continues to use its professionalism, skill and creativity to stay in the hearts of our listeners. We are in the top and we have the greatest number of listeners in the country, and this is due to the enormous work that everybody performs with dedication within the company. For the effort and the emotions you send on the radio waves, thank you and congratulations! Have health, inspiration, prosperity, peace in the heart and serene thoughts. "

Collaborators have been wished success, great achievements, infinite inspiration, and many positive emotions away from any envy and obstacles encountered in creative work.

Many attempts have been made so far, proving that Radio Moldova is an example of responsibility, abnegation and hard work of several generations of reporters, presenters, directors, technicians. In the same way, the following attempts will be made, until public broadcasting gains a unique status in audience and popularity.

At present, Radio Moldova's commitment to the listeners is indispensable to a democratic society in which it keeps correct information and promotes international standards. The National Audiovisual Public Broadcaster "Teleradio-Moldova" will continue to satisfy honestly the mission of fair and impartial information of the citizens, and the public radio station will prove in its activity that it is a high quality, diversity.

Happy New Year Radio Moldova!

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