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04 Feb. 2019 / 09:27

Chinese art and culture exhibition at the National Art Museum

Art and beauty admirers are invited to a Chinese art and culture exhibition hosted by the National Art Museum of Moldova. The exhibition was inaugurated on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, that starts on February 5, Moldova 1 TV reports.

Chinese culture is presented through a series of graphic works, decorative art and small sculpture in the patrimony of the National Art Museum. The exhibited works range from the oldest legendary characters to the representation of saints from the Taoist religion in the Middle Ages.

A special place in the exhibition is the Nianhua Graphic Design - "New Year Pictures", evoking one of the oldest customs in China - the embellishment of the Lunar New Year's Eve with various images in bright colors. These works cover a great variety of themes, such as historical and legendary characters, religion, Chinese folklore, opera works, historical-literary novels, theater.

Some visitors say they came to the exhibition to review China's treasures.

"I lived a long period in China. I did postgraduate studies in China and the New Year's Eve is a feast of my family. It is a very beautiful exhibition that reflects China's culture and history", said Lucia Fişer, visitor.

Decorative art and sculpture works made of porcelain, wood, ivory, bronze are part of traditional Chinese art. The Chinese art and culture exhibition will be open by March 3.

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