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27 Jan. 2019 / 15:04

"Line and Color" - painting and graphics exhibition

"Line and Color" - this is the title of the exhibition of painting and graphics inaugurated at the French Alliance in Chisinau. The authors of the works is the couple Antonina and Vitalie Grisciuc, Moldova 1 TV reports.

It is an exhibition with works inspired by warmer seasons, but especially by multicolored flowers, the old Chisinau.

"We work together in the workshop, we have been together for 25 years, college colleagues", said Antonina Grisciuc.

While Antonina Grisciuc likes painting  nature, the faces of the people, especially of the children, Vitalie Grisciuc does graphic works about Old Chisinau.

"Architecture is very special, it is influenced by many cultures and it is the city where we live and this inspires me. For example, on Şciusev Street, there is an old, beautiful building,  now a bit  restored, is a typical style of old Chisinau. Unfortunately, there are very few places in the old city, they are destroyed, other people come, they build what they want", said the fine artist.

Antonina Grisciuc also paints flowers.

"There are flowers that I collect from the field, I bring them in the garden and I paint them, Monet inspires me, he has great admiration for nature," says Antonina Grisciuc.

Old and new works of the authors were admired and photographed by visitors.

"Line and Color" is the second exhibition of Grisciuc couple at the French Alliance.

"We and the Embassy of France are involved in the promotion of patrimony, and  many of these works, especially graphics, present old Chisinau, some streets, buildings that when we pass by we often do not notice their beauty and it is important for the patrimony of Moldova", said Adrian Ciubotaru, deputy director of the French Alliance in Chisinau.

The paintings and graphics of Antonia and Vitalie Grisciuc are in the patrimony of several museums, in private collections from several countries. The works can be seen at the French Alliance by February 21st.


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