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09 Oct. 2020 / 12:00

An anthology dedicated to the performer Petre Teodorovici was launched in Chisinau

The late composer and performer of light music Petre Teodorovici returns today in an elegant anthology, entitled "The Melancholy of Eternal Longing". Veta Ghimpu-Munteanu, artist and editor-presenter at Radio Moldova, is the one who had the inspiration, courage and love to publish such a book dedicated to Petre Teodorovici, but also to all Teodorovici gone in eternity, Moldova 1 reports.

Veta Ghimpu-Munteanu states that the charm, the talent, the personality of the late Petre Teodorovici were in an unjust forgetfulness.

"To my great regret, I did not find many materials at the National Library. Therefore, part of the book is from the memories of friends, relatives, we tried to make a complex picture. This book was supposed to appear on May 18, when Petre would have turned 70 and I thought I should make a CD with 70 of his songs," said Veta Ghimpu-Munteanu.

For the same reasons, Ion Bambuleac, nephew of Petre Teodorovici, decided to manage a Facebook page dedicated to the late artist.

"When I started looking for materials, I realized that not too much is know about Petre Teodorovici on social networks, the internet," Ion Bambuleac mentioned.

The book's editor, Ion Căpiţă, says that "The Melancholy of Eternal Longing" offers new details about the entire Teodorovic dynasty.

The poet Ianoş Ţurcanu remembers the beautiful collaborations with Petre Teodorovici. The romantic memories of Lidia Botezatu about Petre Teodorovici are also special.

Luminiţa Dumbrăveanu can also be found in the pages of the book with an interview with Petre Teodorovici on the hospital bed on April 6, 1997. The interview resonated on Radio Moldova.

The first to sing Petre Teodorovici's beloved song "Melancholy" was Iulian Caranfil.

In the interview given in the last spring of his life, Petre Teodorovici told the author of the book, Veta Ghimpu-Munteanu, that "all his life he lived from inspiration".

The first launch of the book took place in Leova, the birthplace of Teodorovici, where an annual festival is organized in memory of brothers Petre and Ion Aldea-Teodorovici.

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