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26 Mar. 2020 / 17:05

Stay Home with Radio Moldova: Solidarity Message from the Director of the Drama Theater "B.P. Haşdeu "

The leadership of the Drama Theatre “B.P. Hasdeu” comes up with a message of solidarity in support of the campaign "Stay Home with Radio Moldova".

"In connection with this epidemiological situation, it is best to stay at home, both for ourselves and for our beloved, to protect ourselves, to stay at home, as recommended by specialists and doctors, as well as by the Ministry of Health. Of course, we want, we are an active culture institution, we lack this communication and we found a solution, to present on-line shows, we communicate through blogs, we do rehearsals. My message is to be as careful and correct as possible. Stay home together with Radio Moldova and be patient", said Gheorghe Mîndru, director of the Drama Theater "B.P. Haşdeu".

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