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04 Jan. 2019 / 10:05

Premiere with wine tasting at the National Theater "Satiricus"

A premier of wine tasting, dishes and a more than attractive title: "Wine, Women and Everything You Want" will take place on January 11 at the National Theater "Satiricus - Ion Luca Caragiale". The comedy, signed by the playwright Andrei Strambeanu, was brought on stage by the director Alexandru Grecu, TV Moldova 1 reports.

The imaginary space where the action takes place is a winery where actors and viewers are in the immediate vicinity. "Wine, women and Everything You Want" is about a scientist with great scientific possibilities, who is also a guide to a winery, goes through several trips with the Icelandic Minister of War.

The Satiricus team has worked for almost a year on the conception of the show.

"We found a very special resolution, it is the first show in Moldova that plays with tasting. The spectators have the opportunity to taste six kinds of Moldovan wines, it is also a promotion of Bessarabian wines. There are also dishes, so the price tickets include food and drink," said the artistic director of the theater "Satiricus - Ion Luca Caragiale", Alexandru Grecu.

The Comedy "Wine, Women and Everything You Want" by Andrei Strâmbeanu is the continuation of the project of contemporary dramaturgy, in which ten plays were performed on stage of the theater "Satiricus" after the plays of playwrights from the Republic of Moldova.

"It's a first celebration for me because it's my 11th piece that's mounted on the stage. Here I am around the premiere, I am excited, I do not know what will come out, what the audience will say, there are shocking things happening on the stage, gun shots," says playwright Andrei Strâmbeanu.

"A dialogue-tasting show with meal is a novelty for both actors and myself as a director, but we are not the first to do that; in Europe, premieres have long been held in bars, restaurants, and conventional venues. Come and see why not? Let's laugh at us," Alexandru Grecu also said.

Only at this show, the number of seats is limited, only 50 people sitting at the tables. Other details about "Wine, Women and Everything You Want" are on TV Moldova 1 on Sunday in the show "Carriers of Culture".

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