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10 Feb. 2019 / 14:17

"The Revelations of the scribe" - the new editorial appearance of the poet Gheorghe Doni

After a pause of almost a quarter century, poet Gheorghe Doni lived the joy of his second editorial appearance, the book of poems "The Revelations of the Scrib". The volume released at the Moldovan Writers' Union has appeared in the national book editing program, supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, reports Moldova 1.

"This volume includes poems written over the years, I'm enjoying its appearance, but surely, joy would have been greater if it appeared ten years ago, but for lack of finances I did not have this opportunity. It has several messages: love, good, humanity," said poet Gheorghe Doni.

"The author, after a long break, comes with a new breath - a springful breeze and a multitude of themes," says writer Leo Bordeianu.

Moldovan Writers Union President, Arcadie Suceveanu, stated that Gheorghe Doni remained faithful to traditionalist poetry.

"All feelings, problems, obstacles are passed through a moralizing grid, conjugating the inner reality to the phenomenology, to what is happening in today's society," said Arcadie Suceveanu.

After 1995, Gheorghe Doni's debut album "The Altar of Disillusion" comes with the editorial appearance that literary critic Ion Ciocanu calls "Book-Destiny".

"I wrote that it is a destiny-book, because it is a book that shows the truth about the author, it did not appear in the first book and it is good to say that," says Ion Ciocanu.

Other conjugates say that the reading of Gheorghe Doni's poems is necessary for the readers.

A new book of verses by Gheorghe Doni is in the process of being released. And if the "scriptures revelations" appeared in the national book editing program - the next volume will be edited from the author's account.

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