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18 Dec. 2018 / 20:34

An album with photos from the archives of Romania, released in Chisinau

An album with 200 photos from the national archives of Romania, illustrating Romania's journey from 1916 until 1920, was launched today in Chisinau. This is called "1918 when Great Romania was Made" and is a creation by the Romanian journalist and historian George Damian. The album was released at the National Library, reports Radio Moldova News.

The images chronicle the course of the Romanians from the entrance to the First World War to the crowning of King Ferdinand and Queen Maria from Alba Iulia.

"It is a very beautiful, consistent and accessible book that will best explain how this miracle happened, the union of the provinces populated by the Romanians in 1918. It was prepared for centuries, decades and Eminescu said very well that the Union was the centuries-old dream of all Romanians, peasants, craftsmen, priests, soldiers, people of common sense," mentioned the writer, Vlad Pohila.

"What the authors gathered, 80 percent of the collection of images are for the first time in the scientific circuit. They are truly original images, for the first time seen by the general public," Ion Ştefăniţă, director of the Monument Restoration Agency, said.

"We went to free use, without copyright, that is, the photos we posted on our site, "" can be used by any publication in the online environment to illustrate the events of the years 1916-1918, Romanian Union," said the author of the album, the researcher, George Damian.

"This album is a photographic chronicle of the events that took place in this space. The Paris Peace Congress, which has perfected from the point of view of international legitimacy the acts of union voted in Chişinău, Cernăuţi and Alba Iulia," said historian Ion Negrei.

The album appeared in a print run of 500 copies. One copy was donated to the National Library of the Republic of Moldova.

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