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09 Dec. 2019 / 16:18

Ten students were awarded prizes in a reading contest

The project "The Battle of the Books" promotes reading and is carried out throughout the year by the Municipal Library B.P. Hasdeu. Ten students were awarded prizes and received books, Moldova 1 TV reports.

The contest took place in several stages, from March to November, and at the end of the project the ten participants presented "Convince me to read!", referring to the favorite book from the list of the ten recommended.

The finalists answered the jury's questions, participated in the debates, and presented the most captivating book in written and oral.

Participants in “The Battle of the Books” claim that such contests are necessary.

Over 300 students participated in the previous stages of the Battle of the Books and 10 of them reached the final. The organizers state that it was a necessary experience for all, in which students learned how to defend their ideas.

"The Battle of the Books " is a contest of ideas, we challenge children to read and to comment on books," said Maria Pilchin, president of the jury.

"It is a noble mission to promote reading and to discover the talents of children, because they read the ten recommended books, they express their opinions on what they have read," said Mariana Harjevschi, director of the B.P. Hasdeu Municipal Library".

The Battle of the Books reached the fifth edition. According to the organizers, the competition will continue in 2020.

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