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08 Apr. 2019 / 17:28

Call for grants under the Program Diaspora Succeeds at Home: DAR 1+3

The Diaspora Relations Office (BRD) has launched today the call for grants under the Diaspora Succeeds at Home Program: DAR 1+3. The files can be submitted by 11 May 2019, 24:00.

Under the programme, there are eligible projects within infrastructure, environmental protection, economy, energy efficiency, culture, education and social protection.

Funding of the projects under the Programme will be based on the 1+3 formula, with the following partners: Diaspora, government of Moldova (GM), APL and PD/donors.

Program Diaspora  Succeeds at Home „DAR 1+3” aims at boosting the development of rural and urban  settlements in Moldova by attracting human and financial capital from the diaspora, preserving the ties between the citizens who settled abroad with  the settlements through the implementation of the local development programs and projects together with the diaspora, the channeling of remittances, the socio-economic development of rural areas in Moldova, increasing the participation and involvement of the diaspora in the socio-economic planning and development at  local level.

Applicants should fill in the online application (with all annexes) and will also send all required documents, both in paper and electronic form.


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