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21 June 2020 / 11:20

A doctor from Moldova, who worked in a hospital with a COVID profile in Russia, passed away

She dedicated her entire life to saving people, but died of overwork and heart problems. We are talking about the doctor Nadejda Lungu, originally from Cobusca Veche village, Anenii Noi district, who settled in the Russian Federation for more than 30 years, Moldova 1 reports.

The woman was working in a hospital with a COVID profile and was one of the volunteer doctors who accepted the challenge of treating patients with the new Coronavirus. According to her colleagues, the 58-year-old Moldovan woman has dedicated her entire life to medicine, sacrificing her personal life as well.

In a message of condolences sent on social networks, the governor of the region where the doctor was active said that in recent months, Nadezhda Lungu did not leave the hospital and chose to be with her patients day and night.

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