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14 Mar. 2019 / 18:39

11-year-old girl from Moldova, invited to the Parliament of Great Britain

At just 11, Evelina Coca managed to get to the Parliament of Great Britain, at the invitation of a British deputy. That, after the child attended a creative writing competition about the World War II at the Birmingham Institution, where she studies.

Impressed by the approach that a 6th grade student can have to the events that took place in that period, Evelina was named one of the winners of the contest. She was invited to the UK by the official Mike Wood to personally know her and hand her the diploma. "I was impressed with everything I saw there, and that motivates me more to do my best to become a great personality",  said the girl for  TRM.MD portal.


Evelina Coca together with her parents live in the UK for 6 years, while the little girl made every effort to adapt to a new environment but also to learn the language. After an intensive English course, Evelina has been successful at this stage in her life.

After a rigorous exam, involving about 2,000 children, she is among the 150 who were admitted to one of Britain's most prestigious educational institutions – “King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls”.

She confessed to TRM.MD that she received the news with tears in her eyes of joy and she is looking forward to be a student of the institution she was admitted to. When she grows up, she wants to become an orthodontist, to make children’s smile more beautiful.


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