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26 May 2019 / 09:34

Moldovan woman inherited all the wealth of an old Italian

A woman from Moldova inherited all the wealth of an Italian old man whom she took care for many years, writes

The wealthy man from the Italian province of Brescia died at the age of 92. Although he still had relatives alive, the old man left his inheritance to the moldovan lady, writes the Italian press.

The relatives of the deceased accused the Moldovan and her son that they have tricked the Italian. The  family  of the deceased old man went to court, claiming that the moldovan woman and her son profited of the old man's mental instability.

As long as he was alive, the retired person gave them the sum of 250,000 euros cash. Later, he gave them his fortune, which is estimated at three million euros. This week, lawyers  proved through the testimony of the notary who drafted the will, that the old man had a lucid mind when he decided to leave the fortune.

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