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27 Jan. 2019 / 12:23

Moldovan student at the Central European University

Sanda Sandu is a young woman from Moldova who received a scholarship at the Central European University, recently transferred from Budapest to Vienna. Sanda is one of the 27 young people from all over the world who applied to this university, Radio Moldova reports.

The young woman said that she wanted to do the Master in the field of public policies abroad, especially as she has a good experience at the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Moldova.

Sanda is studying with young people from over a hundred countries.

She is also an ambassador of the Republic of Moldova, as she tries to present our country from all points of view.

In addition to studies, Sanda also works as a researcher at the Center for Media, Data and Society within the Central European University.

Sanda says she does not yet know whether she will return to Moldova after she graduates, but even if she is away from home, she hopes she will contribute to the development of public policies in Moldova.

When she was asked about  the difficulties faced while she is away from her family, she replied: "The longing for my  family and friends. It is good that  we can talk with people by informational technologies. We somehow feel far, but close”, said Sanda Sandu.

We would like to mention that this year, Sanda Sandu will graduate from the Central European University in Hungary.

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