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Posted by: Mazur Rodica

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16 Jan. 2020 / 09:10

CNAS made the transfers for all social benefits

Transfers for all social benefits in the amount of almost 409 million lei, including the money intended for the payment of allowances for families with children, have been made, announces the National House of Social Insurance (CNAS), reports Mesager.

It is about the maternity allowance, the unique allowance at child birth, the monthly allowance for raising the child until the age of three.

Also, transfers were made for the other 14 social benefits, such as compensation, allowances, social assistance, unemployment benefit, aid for the cold period of the year.

In order to receive the money through the bank, the beneficiaries must go to the institution where the salary or social account was opened.

If the beneficiary is not a card holder, the money can be received at any post office.

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