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26 June 2019 / 18:02

Maia Sandu meets the IMF mission

Prime Minister Maia Sandu, at a meeting with the IMF mission today, said that there was political will in Chisinau needed to ensure the full cleaning of the state’s institutions from corrupt people, authentic reformation of justice and edification of efficient state structures in which the citizens have confidence. „It is important that we have an independent and professional Prosecutor’s Office, which is to put an end to the corruption schemes, identify the persons involved in the fraud and to sanction all guilty people. We want to make sure that, no matter what happens on the political stage in the long run, the subordination of institutions to the political interests will no longer be possible,” said Maia Sandu.

The head of the IMF mission, Ruben Atoyan, said that the International Monetary Fund had quite attentively monitored the situation in Moldova and that the Fund showed full openness to help Moldova. He stressed that the programme with IMF had been suspended as a result of the law on fiscal amnesty from 2018 and the legislative package on the fiscal reform.

The resumption of the negotiations with the IMF and implementation of the provisions of the memorandum of economic and financial policies will allow Moldova receiving the last two installments of the financing programme on behalf of the Fund, worth about 66 million dollars. The authorities’ programme with IMF sees the maintenance of economic and financial stability through cleaning the financial sector, strengthening the framework of regulation and supervision, ensuring a bigger economic growth and sustainability of public money.   

Economics Minister Vadim Branzan said that no money of the bank fraud had been recovered. He pointed that in order to investigate this large-scale scheme, the leadership needs courageous people, ready to fight for cleaning the institutions from all schemes and all those involved in the fraud.     

PM Maia Sandu also highlighted the need to back the low-income people. “In the last years, I have gone to almost all villages from Moldova. I saw much poverty. We must make sure that the people of this country will no longer pay for the corruption acts committed by certain interest groups,” said the prime minister. 

Attending the meeting were Finance Minister Natalia Gavrilita, Economics and Infrastructure Minister Vadim Branzan, Governor of the National Bank of Moldova Octavian Armasu and the PM”s adviser Vlad Kulminski.     

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