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31 Oct. 2019 / 15:23

Moldova receives new installment from EU

Moldova receives a new installment of budgetary support from the European Union, amounting to 25 million euros. The European Commission approved yesterday in Brussels the granting of the new installment of budgetary support of 24.85 million euros. Citizens will benefit from improved police services, increased economic opportunities in agriculture and rural development based on this support from the EU, reports Mesager.

In terms of police reform, the money is allocated to improve the conditions and the quality of the studies in the training and excellence centers for the police, the implementation of a system of continuous vocational training for them and  improvement of the conditions in preventive detention isolators.

The European Union resumed granting budgetary support and macro-financial assistance in July 2019. Two years ago, the support was suspended due to the deterioration of the rule of law in the Republic of Moldova. The resumption of assistance comes to support the process of structural reforms, undertaken by the Government of Moldova, and is conditioned by the progress attained in these reforms.

Starting with July, the European Union has provided 73.54 million euros to Moldova to continue and support the reforms, including 53.74 million euros as budgetary support and 19.8 million euros in the form of macro-financial assistance.

By the end of this year, another € 40 million of macro-financial assistance is planned to be disbursed.

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