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05 Nov. 2019 / 15:03

Over 450 local economic units to participate in the National Exhibition "Made in Moldova"

The procedure for registering companies for the 19th edition of the National Exhibition "Made in Moldova" was launched on Tuesday, November 5. The event will be held between January 29 to February 2, 2020 in Chisinau. Over 450 economic units are expected to come. As in previous years, the exhibition is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the patronage of the Government. Also, entrepreneurs from Romania with traditional products from Maramures will participate in.

“The purpose of the exhibition "Made in Moldova" is to promote local producers, companies providing services and goods and services for export. We aim to have 3 main components. It is about the exhibition itself, the business program and the cultural program”, announced Sergiu Harea, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Over 450 entrepreneurs are expected at the event. For the first time, Moldovan ECO products will be displayed at the exhibition.

"I consider it a very good opportunity to promote eco products from our country, considering that this event is a business card of Moldova. And if we talk about ECO products, then I have to mention a number of companies specialized in cheese, dried fruits, juice, organic wine, "said Dumitru Lefter, representative of the Association of ECO products.

The event will be attended by several entrepreneurs from Maramures, Romania.

"We will have a number of 10 Romanian companies; they will come with their traditional products. We will have a very important business program with several public institutions such as: Fiscal Inspectorate, Customs Service, Investment Attraction Agency, ODIMM National House of Social Insurance”,  said Sergiu Harea, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The International Business Forum will be organized at the exhibition, involving representatives from 10 countries such as Romania, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey. The Organization for Small and Medium Enterprise Sector Development offers for the first time, support of up to 4000 lei for several small and medium-sized enterprises. Last year's exhibition was attended by over 460 companies and 53 thousand visitors.

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