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01 Nov. 2019 / 11:00

Russia will issue 500 authorizations for transit of Moldovan goods through Ukraine

The Russian Federation will issue 500 additional authorizations for the transportation and export to Russia of Moldovan goods through the territory of Ukraine. This was agreed by President Igor Dodon and the special representative of the President of Russia on the development of trade and economic relations with the Republic of Moldova Dmitry Kozak in a phone discussion.

"This is an urgent measure to unlock the situation registered in recent days among our exporters, but it is necessary to negotiate at the level of specialized ministries to ensure a smooth delivery of Moldovan goods to Russia by the end of this year. I express my gratitude to the Russian partners for their support to our country”, said the president  on Facebook.

Igor Dodon said that he expects an active involvement of the relevant ministry of the Republic of Moldova in solving such problems and pointed that the "assistance for the Moldovan producers is the common task of the management of the whole country".

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