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10 Feb. 2019 / 18:10

Accusations against the head of state

The leader of Our Party, Renato Usatîi, brings evidence of Ilan Shor's statements a week ago, as he would have served Igor Dodon with his planes and would have given him money for election campaigns. Usatii posted on his Facebook page several images with some bills that would show that during 2013-2014 Ilan Şor would pay Igor Dodon several flights to Moscow. In response, the presidential press service claims that some candidates resort to such methods to raise their personal ratings, Moldova 1 reports.

Renato Usatii claims that these documents are proof of the fact that the "opposition" flew on the account of those he claims to fight.

"At the time when Dodon took money from me, for politics, at the same time he took from Sor, but he swore to me that no one gave him anything and that I was the only investor. I have a stack of invoices for airplane flights," said Renato Usatîi.

Responding to the statements made by Renato Usatii, the presidential press service declares that the attacks on the presidential institution continue and will continue to be even more intense until the end of the electoral campaign and the political actors who resort to such methods do so to raise personal political rating criticising other candidates.

TRM.MD recalls that Ilan Sor had formerly denounced former Prime Minister Vlad Filat, saying he gave him a bribe worth $250 million. Based on his testimonies, Filat was sentenced to nine years in prison, and the leader of "Our Party" and the ex-mayor of Balti, Renato Usatii, is in Moscow since 2016, being announced in general prosecution. He is accused of attempt to assassinate former banker Gherman Gorbuntov. Usatii declares himself innocent.

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