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12 Feb. 2019 / 12:34

Electoral Bloc "ACUM Platform DA and PAS": We want to build an educational system to suit the challenges of time

The Electoral Bloc " ACUM Platform DA and PAS "is committed to modernizing the educational system by implementing the reforms, if they come to power. At a today's press conference, the leaders of the " ACUM Platform DA and PAS " block said that they have a well-defined plan for reforming the education system based on employee wage growth in the education system and simplifying bureaucratic procedures.

"We know what we need to do, and we want to build an educational system to suit the challenges of time. We have had the courage to speak openly about all the problems of the educational system, to show them in all their complexity and to propose solutions, to fully assume the political costs of reforms ", said the co-chairperson of the election bloc " ACUM  Platform DA and PAS " , Maia Sandu.

Maia Sandu listed the tasks of the "ACUM" block for the modernization of the education system.

"We are proposing three urgent things: increasing wages of employees in the education system, reforming pedagogical education, simplifying bureaucratic procedures in the system. We aim to increase and use resources for education so that we can improve conditions in educational institutions, schools and kindergartens and eliminate informal payments. We are committed to providing quality education for all children", said Maia Sandu.

The electoral bloc " ACUM  Platform DA and PAS " is Nb.2 in the ballot paper.

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