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12 Feb. 2019 / 15:33

Special conditions in polling stations for people with disabilities

The polling stations in Moldova will be equipped with best conditions for people with special needs to exercise their right to vote. Victor Koroli executive director of INFONET Alliance said in an interview that the Central Electoral Commission in collaboration with a group of NGOs and the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training has carried out a project aimed at endowing polling stations with necessary tools for any voter to have access to information and to vote, Radio Moldova reports.

"We will take several actions, we will provide support to the Central Electoral Commission and on the day of the elections, two interpreters of the sign language will be working in the Central Electoral Commission. We will also have a colleague who will live this message to Facebook in five polling stations where most people with hearing impairements live. We will make available three closed-circuit television systems that will be located in three voting stations,  in Basarabeasca, one in Chisinau and one in Balti", said Victor Koroli  executive director of INFONET Alliance.

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