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News / Elections 2019

11 Feb. 2019 / 18:33

Several media outlets, monitored by experts

Journalists should respect the ethical code when they decide to cover elections-related issues. Specialists call on journalists to reflect fairly and equidistantly media information. Experts monitored 26 media outlets, including 12 broadcasters with national, regional and local coverage, Mesager reports.

"Certainly, I have noticed various tendencies, the order of news  presentation, electoral debates, but my impression as a whole is that the electoral debates, the publicity and the electoral campaign are still taking place by respecting the most important elements of deontology and moral probity", said Dragoş Vicol, President of the Coordinating Council of the Audiovisual.

"The  first monitoring reports made public so far reveal that part of the press favors some political parties like it did in previous campaigns,  electoral campaigns. Also, we have a media group that cover events in a fair and equidistant manner ", said director of CJI Nadine Gogu.

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