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News / Elections 2019

13 Feb. 2019 / 18:20

The “Antimafia” Movement aims to create a European Parliament

If elected in the Parliament, the "Antimafia" People's Political Party aims to create a second Republic and to dissolve the Legislature to create a European one and with deputies working for the citizens, reports Radio Moldova News.

"The People's Movement "Antimafia" is a right-wing, liberal, unionist, pro-European and pro-American party. In our "Republic of Union" program, it is a minimal state, this means that the state must assume three basic functions: the administration of internal affairs, the control function of respecting contracts in that state, and the punishment function of crimes committed in this state. Politicians have to come to the government and leave you alone, dear fellow citizens, to develop," said Deputy Chairman of the Popular Party Anti-Mafia Movement, Daniela Bodrug.

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