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News / Elections 2019

11 Feb. 2019 / 19:29

Party “Democratia acasa” officially launched the electoral campaign

The "Democratia acasa " party started officially the electoral campaign on the bank of the Nistru River at the Soroca Fortress. The main objective of the faction is Moldova’s reunification with Romania. Party candidates claim that the union will bring a better living for Moldovans, Mesager reports.

"Once we remove the border from the Prut, we will be able to benefit from European salaries, at least salaries like in Romania. We will benefit from pensions, we will receive medical and school assistance. Teachers, doctors and all people working in this state will have a decent life ", said Vasile Costiuc, the candidate of the “Democratia acasa” Party.

"We come to make the union. It's our platform. This word means all problems of his people. Union will solve all the problems”, said Zinaida Bolboceanu, candidate of the Party “Democratia acasa”.

The Party "Democratia acasa” includes several civic unionists on its list and it is Nb. 11 in the ballot paper.

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