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16 Feb. 2019 / 18:11

PSRM, worried about the demographic future of Moldova

The Party of Socialists in Moldova (PSRM) worries about the country's demographic future, given that the non-traditional family was slightly promoted in recent years, and in 2017 the birth rate was the lowest from the period after independence. According to PSRM candidates, the solution is to promote the values of Orthodoxy, maintaining the traditional family and raising living standards so that young families feel safe at home, Mesager reports.

PSRM candidate Vladimir Odnostalco claims that complex measures are required to preserve the traditional family, not just promises before the elections on higher  child allowances.

"In order to preserve the family, it is necessary for the young couples to know that everything will be fine, that they will not be asked for a bribe at the maternity,  they will not have to think about who to bribe at the kindergarten for a place, then at school –illegal  collection of money. They need a stable, well-paid job", said Vladimir Odnostalco.

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