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20 Feb. 2019 / 18:00

Report: Moldova 1 covered in a balanced way the electoral campaign

The public TV Moldova 1 broadcast the information about the electoral campaign in a balanced way and a neutral tone, but some TV stations favored or disfavored certain parties or candidates. These are the data from the Center for Independent Journalism (CJI) and the Association of Independent Press (API), which today presented their fourth report on media behavior monitoring during the 9-16 February campaign. The report monitored 12 television stations, 16 news portals and written press, Radio Moldova News reports.

"Moldova 1 had a balanced behavior, had many news, provided access to many electoral contestants from the national and uninominal constituency. From the news access point of view, the tone was neutral in all cases. From the viewpoint of thematic diversity, the news mostly focused on the political field or the electoral process. There have been, but at a great distance, topics that addressed social, economic, foreign, cultural, and entertainment issues. The most pronounced thematic diversity was remarked on TV Moldova 1," said CJI Executive Director Nadine Gogu.

According to the API Director, Petru Macovei, some news portals and print media do not give the right to reply to the target person in a subject of conflict.

"On these 16 media outlets in the online press and print media, 882 materials with direct or indirect electoral character were published. Overall, the monitored portals and print media were quite active - some were more active, some - less. The themes mainly referred to politics and the conduct of the electoral process. Rather, the issue of economic relations or social issues has been rarely approached from the electoral context, very rarely was the situation in the country's economy or the fight against corruption in the electoral context. It should be noted as a general trend that the online press does not very often give the right to reply to the persons directly concerned in statements and allegations. There are portals that evade from reflecting the electoral campaign or they had a very selective media coverage. For the most part, all 16 media outlets presented themselves in a neutral tone," mentioned Petru Macovei.

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