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News / Elections 2019

15 Feb. 2019 / 20:03

Use of administrative resources in the electoral campaign, subject to a study conducted by CREDO

The use of administrative resources in the electoral campaign was investigated by the Resource Center for Human Rights. The director of the organization, Sergiu Ostaf, announced that the study which he carries, involves the use of statistical and comparative methods, Mesager reports.

Thus, CREDO will compare the electoral campaign in Moldova with those in Romania and Ukraine, and the previous ones.

The organization will come up with a preliminary report before February 24 that will describe the influence of public policies on voter’s behavior.

Sergiu Ostaf argues that adopting decisions such as increasing social allowances or salaries have an influence on the vote.

"In our study we will investigate on the interaction between the public policy process and the adoption of a policy, the allocation of financial resources such as indemnities, tax facilities or others”, said director of CREDO Sergiu Ostaf.

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