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18 Jan. 2020 / 18:16

Three parties submitted to the CECE Hancesti applications for registration of initiative groups

Three political formations have submitted to the Electoral Council of the Electoral District (CECE) Hancesti applications for registration of initiative groups, to collect signatures to support the candidates for the position of deputy in the new parliamentary elections on March 15, reports Moldova 1.

The president of CECE 38 in Hânceşti, Zinaida Dubceac, said that a request came from the representative of the Political Party "Şor" in order to support Vitalie Balinschi's candidacy for deputy.

On Friday, the application was submitted also by the PSRM representative for supporting Stefan Gaţcan's candidacy and the PDM representative - in support of Ion Mereuţă's candidacy.

CECE Hânceşti has three days to issue the decision to register or not register the initiative groups.

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