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23 Oct. 2020 / 18:53

Violeta Ivanov promises pensioners pensions of five thousand lei

Minimum pension of 5,000 lei, monthly compensations of 1,000 lei for the food cart, facilities for the payment of bills. The actions are included in the electoral program of the candidate of the "Şor" Political Party for the position of president of Moldova, Mesager reports.

Violeta Ivanov says that the state is obliged to develop extensive programs and to open social shops in localities where prices, primarily for retirees, are up to 50% lower than in other shopping centers.

"My team and I come up with a series of concrete and very clear measures meant to radically change the situation of the elderly. First of all, I want to increase  pensions, to extend social assistance and to offer  more facilities to our grandparents and parents ", said Violeta Ivanov.

The candidate of the "Şor" Party also said that the state must also open social pharmacies in which the medicines will be sold at reasonable costs for pensioners.

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