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02 Feb. 2019 / 09:00

Eurovision 2019: LIVE auditions today

IPNA "Teleradio-Moldova" organizes today the public auditions of the songs included in the national selection of the Eurovision 2019 competition. The jury is to select the pieces that will later enter the competition after the LIVE auditions.

26 participants will play in the LIVE auditions of the Eurovision 2019 national selection.

LIVE auditions of the songs included in the national selection of the Eurovision 2019 competition will take place in Studio 2 of Moldova 1, starting at 12:00, and will be broadcast on TRM.MD and Moldova 2.

A jury of professionals will evaluate the vendor's voice performance. This stage does not impose stage dress or show elements, the criteria of appreciation being: the melodic line, the originality of the song, the vocal performance, but also the actual interpretation. Each participant will be given time for the necessary sound adjustments. Interpreters will be assigned notes from 0 to 12.

Last year, DoReDos, which represented the Republic of Moldova at the international Eurovision Song Contest, won the 10th place. The band's performance was also appreciated by the organizing committee of the contest, which gave them the "The buzz award" for the best scenic presentation.

The 64th edition of the competition will take place in Israel and will consist of two semifinals, held on May 14 and 16, and the final will be held on May 18, 2019.

The Moldovan representative will play at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in the second semifinal, which will take place on May 16th. Together with the representative of the Republic of Moldova on the Tel Aviv stage, interpreters from Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Latvia, Romania, Denmark, Armenia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Norway, Russia, Holland, Croatia, Lithuania, Malta

Moldova's representative at Eurovision 2019 will be selected on March 2, when the National Finals will be held. One of the world's longest and most watched television programs.

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