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27 Feb. 2020 / 13:49

The Eurovision 2020 National Final on the last hundred meters (PHOTO)

Counted hours remained until the biggest song contest in the Republic of Moldova. The 20 participants are in full preparations, and these days there are rehearsals in the studio of Moldova 1. See below what we managed to capture during the trials for the final sea on February 29.

"We are already on the second day of rehearsal. Today is the rehearsal on the sound, the participants have half an hour for the test, and in the meantime they are working on the images that will be projected on the screens. We also work on the decoration of the green room. We hope that this year also we will have an extraordinary show. The team is well prepared and we are already waiting to see who the winner is,” said Teodor Guţu, project co-coordinator.

We tried to talk to some of the participants to find out what message they come to the public through their evolution on the stage of the "Eurovision 2020" National Competition.

"The song I will sing has an ecological theme. I will sing about the fact that we need to be more careful about the changes that are occurring on our planet and not ignore these changes. I want people to understand that we need to take care of the environment and think about what we leave to our followers," said the performer Maria Ciolac who comes with the song" Our Home ".

"I think the message of my piece is topical, that is about women, about the power of women. By this song I want to convey to women, not only from the Republic of Moldova, that we are a force and we are ready to conquer the world,” said Valeria Pasa, who will sing the song “It’s Time”.

"I sing about the warmth of the soul, about summer, about love and I want to urge everyone who listens to me to feel the summer every day, to feel the warmth, to feel the love and to be happy," said Sasha Letty who will evolve with the song "Summer of Love"

20 participants will sing in the final of the "Eurovision 2020" National Competition, which will be held on February 29. The winner will represent the Republic of Moldova at the "Eurovision Song Contest", which will be held in Rotterdam.

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