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14 Mar. 2019 / 19:02

European Parliament votes to suspend Turkey's EU membership bid

In a non-binding vote, the European Parliament has called for the suspension of EU accession talks with Turkey, citing violations against human rights and the rule of law. Turkey has rejected the vote as meaningless, DW reports.

The European Parliament has voted to formally suspend EU accession talks with Turkey, citing severe political and democratic backsliding under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Lawmakers passed the symbolic non-binding resolution with 370 votes in favor and 109 against, with 143 abstentions.

"The European Parliament remains seriously concerned about  Turkey's poor track record in upholding human rights, the rule of law, media freedom and the fight against corruption, as well as its all-powerful presidential system," the Strasbourg-based body said in a statement late Wednesday.

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