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27 Jan. 2020 / 16:50

Romania: Alert on possible infection with coronavirus

A 24-year-old man who recently returned from China came to the emergency department of Bacau Hospital, with symptoms specific to the coronavirus. The young man is to be transferred to Bucharest for further investigations, reports Mesager.

The young man showed up at the hospital with flu, fever, mild cough and muscle aches. He is studying in China and he returned eight days ago to Romania. He felt bad on the plane on his way to Romania.

He was initially treated at home, but because the symptoms worsened, she went to the hospital. The patient is due to arrive at the Matei Balş Institute in Bucharest for investigations.

The Romanian Ministry of Health announced that there were alerts regarding the possibility of coronavirus infection in Cluj, Timisoara, Constanta and Bucharest, but these were denied. The institution says that special measures are being taken for 25 Romanians in China, who will land on Otopeni Airport on Tuesday.

The number of coronavirus deaths increased to 81 in China, and the total number of confirmed illnesses reached 3000.

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