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26 Sep. 2020 / 18:47

Romania reports 120,000 cases of infection with the new type of coronavirus

Another 1,552 people have been infected with coronavirus in the last 24 hours in Romania, so that Romania exceeds 120,000 infections. Another 54 patients died. Over 500 patients are in serious health condition, writes

To date, 121,235 cases of people infected with the new coronavirus (COVID - 19) have been confirmed in Romania. 97,554 patients were declared cured.

Following the tests performed at national level, compared to the last report, 1,552 new cases of people infected with SARS - CoV - 2 (COVID - 19) were registered, these being cases that had not previously had a positive test.

To date, 4,687 people diagnosed with COVID-19 infection died.

To date, 2,352,650 tests have been processed at the national level. Of these, 24,231 were performed in the last 24 hours, 14,748 based on the case definition and medical protocol and 9,483 on request.

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