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24 Sep. 2020 / 13:05

"5 minutes at the museum": Discover the works of the fine artist Dimitrie Sevastianov

In today's edition, September 14, of the show "5 minutes at the museum" we continue to explore and discover the works of art of the National Museum of Art of Moldova. Today, the deputy director of the museum Lucia Postica talks about the work "Joiana", signed by the artist Dimitrie Sevastianov. Don't miss today's edition, September 14, of the show "5 minutes at the museum", hosted by Diana Pidghirnîi.

Dimitrie Sevastianov - a fine artist with a rare  vocation, a well-known classic of fine art in Moldova, is one of the enigmatic personalities in the history of Moldovan national art. Few of his works have been exhibited and reproduced in albums, his artistic legacy is not enough studied  as a whole and is misunderstood in its essence.

An example of a lyrical interpretation of work is the painting "Joiana", made in 1956. The stream of light coming from the windows of a spacious farm highlights the main character - a newborn calf, on weak legs, making its first insecure step.  This last work of Dmitry Sevastianov remained unfinished  and this does not affect its plastic integrity. Commentators on the 1957 Republican Jubilee Exhibition intentionally ignored the painting "Joiana," referring to it as a large sketch. However, he represented Moldovan painting in an exhibition in Moscow, and his metaphorical expressiveness was appreciated by Ada Zevin.

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