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24 Sep. 2020 / 14:27

"Who Comes To Us?": Costi Burlacu and Corina Ţepeş

In today's edition, September 24, of the show "Who Comes To Us?", we say happy birthday to the singer Costi Burlacu, who is honored today. How and with whom the singer will celebrate his birthday, but also what gifts he received, Costi Burlacu and Corina Ţepeş tell us tonight, at "Who Comes To Us?".

In today's edition of the show, we find out more details about the anti-aging massage from Daria Goroşenco, a specialist in facial massage. What is the explanation of the miraculous effect of anti-wrinkle facial massage, how many techniques are there, but also which ones we choose, we find out tonight, at "Who Comes To Us?".

At the end of the edition, we invite you to meet Lucia Boaghe, a visual artist, based in Great Britain. Returning home recently, Lucia tells us how she found the Republic of Moldova, but also how much the entourage, the city, the country and society matter to an artist. Is the creation of an artist influenced by where he is? - We find out tonight, in a new edition of the show "Who's Coming To Us?".

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