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24 Sep. 2020 / 13:38

Education during the pandemic, today, at "Moldova Live"

Today, September 24, starting with 19:55, we invite you to a new edition of the show "Moldova Live", moderated by journalist Tatiana Gherţa. The topic we will address concerns the whole society and refers to education during a pandemic.

Attempts to return to stability are blocked by the growing number of cases of infection with the new type of Coronavirus, both internationally and domestically. On September 1, the new year of study began. How fragmented it will be, how the teacher-student relationship will be, how many scenarios have been applied and which is the most successful, we find in this edition from the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research Natalia Grîu, Deputy Mayor Angela Cutasevici and the director of kindergarten no. 98 from the capital, Elena Chiforişin.

The show "Moldova Live" is moderated by Tatiana Gherţa and can be watched live on Moldova 1 and online on, starting at 19:55.

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