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Posted by: Cornelia Stefoglu

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22 Jan. 2020 / 08:00

Eurovision 2020: Find out how many participants were admitted to the national competition

The members of the Organizing Committee of the national show checked the files submitted by the participants. Thus, all 35 interpreters who expressed their intention to compete for a ticket in Rotterdam were admitted to the LIVE auditions stage.

In total, 36 contest pieces were submitted. The files were examined in accordance with the main regulatory requirements.

The members of the Organizing Committee decided that the LIVE auditions of the songs entered in the national selection of the Eurovision 2020 competition will be held in open format, with televised broadcast. A jury of professionals in the field will evaluate the vocal performance of the competitors. You can find the names of the participants and the pieces entered in the contest HERE.

For now, the stage dress or the show elements are not mandatory, the criteria of appreciation being: the melodic line, the originality of the song, the vocal performance, but also the actual interpretation. Each participant will be given time for the necessary sound adjustments. The interpreters will be assigned grades from 0 to 12.

According to the Regulation, after the stage of live hearings, the Organizing Committee in consultation with the judging team will decide whether another selection stage will be organized - the National Finals.

The 65th edition of the competition will take place in Rotterdam and will consist of two semifinals, organized on May 12 and 14. The final will take place on May 16, 2020. The traditional music competition will be broadcast live by Moldova 1, Radio Moldova, Radio Moldova Musical and online on TRM.MD

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