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17 Jan. 2020 / 14:40

"Be Young": Music and Painting in the interpretation of young artists

Saturday, January 18, we are waiting for you at a new edition of the show "Be Young".

Olivia Furtuna is a young painter from Telenesti. Olivia, at the age of 16, had the most beautiful gift from her parents, her first personal exhibition organized in Chisinau.

Where does the love of painting come from, who encourages her, but also with what impressions she has left after her own exhibition, learn during "Be Young" talkshow.

Cristina Popa is a young performer from Romania, but born in Moldova. Thus, she wants her songs to be known at home. For this reason, she is preparing a musical surprise for the public in Chisinau.

To find out where the event will take place, who helps her to organize this musical surprise, as well as what are the expectations from the audience at home, watch the show "Be Young" and feel the pulse of young people's lives, on Saturday at 11:00 am on Moldova 1 and online on TRM.MD.

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