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16 Feb. 2019 / 16:45

Manipulative relationships, on Sunday in the show "O demivorba cu Ilona Spataru"

I behave like that because I love you is an affirmation we hear very often in our relationship experiences.

Manipulation in relationship is an exciting topic for many people. Often or just sometimes, you feel the need to reach your goal and do it in a manipulative way. Some make it unconscious, others very conscious.

The ingredients of the relationship will be discussed in the show “O demivorba cu Ilona Spataru” with Egor Spinu-mentalist, a specialist in manipulation and counter-manipulation.

Do not miss a new edition of the show "O demivorba cu  Ilona Spataru, live on Moldova 1 TV, on Moldova 2 TV or online on TRM.MD.

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