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09 Feb. 2019 / 15:30

"Moldovans From Everywhere": Know Vitalie Ciupac, who developed a digital marketing business in Toronto

The Office of Relations with Diaspora (ORD) is a subdivision of the State Chancellery that coordinates state policies on diaspora. The organization and functioning strategy combines internationally recognized work with diaspora. In this context, the diaspora's capacities are strengthened through the development of associations, communities and various programs. How are these implemented in practice, but also what are the goals of the institution's representatives for the year 2019, on Sunday, February 10, from the invited of the talk show "Moldovans from Everywhere", Zoia Tulbure, acting head of the ORD.

Also, in the same edition, we discuss in detail the Memorandum of Understanding between the ORD and the Ministry for Romanians from Everywhere in Romania, which was signed in the autumn of 2018. What benefits did our fellow countrymen have from the implementation of this agreement, starting with 12:00 at the show "Moldovans From Everywhere"

We also want to see the history of Vitalie Ciupac, a Moldovan who has developed a marketing and sales consultancy business in Toronto through the Diaspora Engagement Hub program. How did this happen we find out in the show "Moldovans From Everywhere", on Moldova 1.

Eventually, journalist Lucia Ciobanu brings you the latest information from the life of the Diaspora.

Watch the show "Moldovans From Everywhere" on Sunday, February 10, at 12:00 or online on TRM.MD

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