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20 Jan. 2020 / 10:55

Ion Chicu reacts to the statement of Klaus Iohanis

"It is important for all citizens of the Republic of Moldova to be confident that the Government works for them." The prime minister, Ion Chicu replied to the journalists' request to comment on last week's statement by the President of Romania, Klaus Iohanis, who was dissatisfied with the activity of the Chisinau Executive.

20 Jan. 2020 / 10:27

Suspect in the Orhei crime case, detained

The suspect in the case of Orhei crime, a 14-year-old minor, was detained, and prosecutors requested an arrest warrant for 30 days, Radio Moldova reports.

20 Jan. 2020 / 09:45

Three injured in 6.4-magnitude earthquake in Xinjiang

At least three people were injured, including one in critical condition, after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Sunday (Jan 19), local authorities said.

20 Jan. 2020 / 08:52

Old Orthodox Christians celebrate Saint John the Baptist today

Today, the Old Orthodox Christians celebrate Saint John the Baptist, one of the most holy saints. The parishioners begin their day at the church, praying for the health of their loved ones, but also for family welfare.

19 Jan. 2020 / 15:33

Child, found dead in Orhei district

The corpse of a child was found this morning in a building under construction in Orhei district, reports Moldova 1.

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