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14 July 2020 / 17:15

COVID-19 in Moldova: Another 269 confirmed cases

Another 269 new cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed today in the Republic of Moldova, including seven in the Transnistrian region. Of all the cases, one is imported from the Russian Federation.

14 July 2020 / 16:12

Medical equipment for Moldova, provided by the EU and WHO

The first batch of medical equipment, offered by the European Union (EU) and the World Health Organization (WHO), worth over 2.8 million euros, arrived in Chisinau. The support provided includes about 1.5 million personal protective equipment - medical masks, respirators, goggles and gowns - needed in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

14 July 2020 / 14:02

Several amendments to the Electoral Code, proposed by Promo-Lex

The members of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) must work permanently within the institution, and their appointment must be made by all three powers in the state, and not only by the Parliament, as it is at present. These are the proposals for amending the Electoral Code coming from the "Promo-Lex" Association and presented today, July 14, by the program director of this organization, Pavel Postică, during a public consultation at the Parliament, Radio Moldova reports.

14 July 2020 / 11:41

The first batch of locomotives for the Moldovan Railway arrived in Chisinau

The first batch of six locomotives out of the 12 purchased by the Republic of Moldova with the support of European financial institutions arrived in Chisinau today.

14 July 2020 / 11:05

The DA Platform signed a motion of censure against the Chicu Government

The parliamentary faction of the Dignity and Truth Platform (DA) signed a motion of censure against the Chicu Government today, July 14th. The deputies appealed to the other parliamentary factions, in particular, to the deputies of the Action and Solidarity Party to support the motion and to sign it by Thursday.

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