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23 Mar. 2020 / 14:10

The US Embassy continues its activity, except consular services

We are working with the Government of the Republic of Moldova to help obtain additional COVID-19 test kits from reliable sources. This is the message of the US ambassador to Moldova, Dereck J. Hogan. In a video address, Hogan mentioned that the embassy continues its activity except for some consular services, reports Moldova 1.

The ambassador also said that he remained in the Republic of Moldova, together with several employees of the institution, but works from home, when this is possible. He said that soon the Peace Corps volunteers will leave our country, but the mission will continue its activity when the situation returns to normal.

"We are working with the Moldovan government to help obtain additional test kits from reliable sources. We distribute medical supplies donated by our friends from North Carolina, Mother's and Child's Hospital to help care for the sick and we are, we are doing even more in close connection with the government of the Republic of Moldova. We have cooperated closely for 30 years and we do not intend to allow this crisis, although serious, to disrupt our cooperation," said US Ambassador to Moldova Dereck J Hogan.

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