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12 Jan. 2019 / 19:53

Unionist Movement leader George Simion runs for European Parliament elections

Union leader leader George Simion will run for the May 26 European Parliament elections with the slogan "Great Romania in Europe". President of the Action 2012 promised to put in the foreground the Union of the Republic of Moldova with Romania, to protect the rights of Romanians in the historical communities and to support the Romanians in the counties of Harghita and Covasna.

The decision came in the context of the Centenary March in Alba Iulia in Chisinau, which passed through the most important cities in Romania and Moldova.

"Our country is small and territorial. It's small because we have unfortunately little leaders today. Yes, we want our country to be big. Mihai Viteazul's head from Turda stands up and asks why the country is so small," said George Simion.

Citizens of the Republic of Moldova who have regained their Romanian citizenship will be able to participate in the elections. The unionist leader was banned for five years from entering the Republic of Moldova after this summer, on August 28, 2018, he was aggressive at the crossing of the border. 

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