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15 May 2019 / 14:05

Opinions: The current Parliament will either be dissolved or not

The deadline for setting up a new Cabinet of Ministers is on the last hundred meters and the time has come for parliamentary factions to come out in public and announce the decision they have made. This statement was made by the political analyst Anatol Ţăranu, within Radio Moldova's "Room for Dialogue" show. The analyst believes that two scenarios would be possible - the first is that, in the end, the Party of Socialists will make a coalition with the Democratic Party - the winner, and the second scenario - the early elections, reports Radio Moldova.

"Taking into account the political capital of the Democratic Party over the last few years, PDM has been on the rise. It was able to make the best use of its situation at the expense of its partners. From this point of view, the socialists might find themselves in a rather embarrassing situation," said political analyst Anatol Ţăranu.

On the other hand, political commentator Victor Ciobanu mentioned that if there really was a coalition between PDM and PSRM, there would be misunderstandings between the two parties, and such a coalition would not last for four years.

"Regardless of the facade of this government, that many ministries will be offered to the PSRM, it will not have a hard word to say in this cohabitation. PSRM must be very conscious that it goes to the crocodile's mouth. It is clear that there can not be a four-year alliance, but certain things can be voted ad-hoc," said political commentator Victor Ciobanu.

The director of the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of the Romanian Academy, Dan Dungaciu, believes that there are two options available for the political situation in the Republic of Moldova, the coalition between the PDM and PSRM and the early elections, but the most important is that, who want to do more to bring the Republic of Moldova closer to the European Union.

"The two variants remained in one form or another. The only question remains for as long as things are going to be in one way or another, early elections or an alliance between PDM and PSRM. For Romania, the most important thing is that the European vector continues. The big question is who is the continuation of the European vector beyond the parade statements," said Dan Dungaciu, a political commentator in Bucharest.

TRM.MD recalls that on 24 February 2019, parliamentary elections took place in Moldova. Formations that have access to the Legislature met only once in a meeting that was interrupted due to lack of parliamentary majority.

Recently, President Igor Dodon has asked the Constitutional Court to decide whether the country's president may have the right to nominate the Prime Minister's candidacy under current political circumstances. Today, the High Court issued a decision stating that the head of state can not submit a candidate for the post of prime minister without a functioning Parliament.

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