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18 July 2019 / 14:27

PM Maia Sandu to the EU ambassadors accredited in Moldova: We are determined to carry out reforms for the benefit of citizens

Prime Minister, Maia Sandu, and the new Government have had a meeting with EU ambassadors accredited in Moldova on Thursday, 18 July. The PM told diplomats about recent activities and list of Government priorities, but also about the results of recent visits to Kiev and Berlin.

During the meeting, the Premier thanked for the given support and assured the representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Chisinau that the reform agenda would continue to be implemented at a higher rythm, mentioning the priorities of existing Government in the short term. "We set out to fight corruption, restore credibility in state institutions, rectify budget, take social actions, increase the level of social protection and other important areas," said Maia Sandu.

Also, PM has also highlighted the long – term priorities of Government related to institutional reforms.

The head of the executive has also talked about improving business conditions of entrepreneurs, eliminating abuse of low – income business persons, and remains a direction in which work will be done intensively.

The ministers of Sandu Government have exposed themselves to challenges they have faced today. These include the lack of specialists in various fields, such as education and healthcare, especially due to emigration abroad.

The representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Chisinau have welcomed the decision and determination with which the executive committed to implement the reforms and said they would continue to support Moldova. "We are here to support you in the actions you take. We want to see Moldova a developed country, and the citizens to have a better future," said EU Ambassador to Moldova, Peter Michalko.

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