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30 Sep. 2020 / 13:00

"Pro Moldova" proposes that home treatment of patients with COVID-19 be compensated

"Pro Moldova" will register today in Parliament a legislative initiative to amend and supplement the law on compulsory health care, so that home treatment for patients infected with COVID-19 is compensated by the state. The leader of "Pro Moldova", Andrian Candu said that the compulsory health insurance fund has sufficient financial means.

"Medicines should be compensated one hundred percent, the services, the tests, the x-ray or tomography. There is money in the health insurance budget. In 2020, fewer citizens went to the doctor. Several tried to somehow avoid medical services during this period. Many medicines that are reimbursed have not been used and money in the budget of the compulsory health insurance fund has not been spent ", said Andrian Candu.

The President of the  "Pro Moldova" said that he would request the Parliament’s Standing Bureau that this project be included in the agenda as soon as possible.

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