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19 Apr. 2019 / 16:05

Andrei Nastase reacts to Igor Dodon's statement on the seat of speaker

The leader of the Dignity and Truth Platform Andrei Năstase says he does not need the seat of Parliament Speaker for him, but for the country. This is his reaction after President Igor Dodon said in an interview for Moldova 1 TV that Năstase will not take up this seat .

"Dodon knows very well that I personally do not need this seat for me. This was transmitted to him by  his councilors and civil society, and yet he lies ... I am a man who dreams, but not to temporary functions, but to the freedom of these people, to their welfare and future. I dream of a morning in which Moldova is free from Plahotniuc and its criminal group, after a long and exhausting nightmare! I do not want anything for myself, everything for the country, as President John F. Kennedy said. Igor Dodon knows that the Block ACUM  needs a speaker role just to debate and vote on the package of laws on de-oligarchization, to start the process of definitive liberation of the Republic of Moldova from captivity", said Andrei Năstase  in a live on his Facebook page.

We remind that on Thursday evening, in the show “Moldova Live” President Igor Dodon said that Andrei Năstase will not be a speaker of the Parliament, but maybe he will be prime minister if he gets along with Maia Sandu. If not, early elections will be organized.

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